Preference #113: You Get Hurt While He’s Away

Harry: “I’m gonna go call Harry, okay?” Your mom whispers to you, hovering over your hospital bed as she tightly holds your hand. You groan a slight response to indicate that you heard her, and she raises your hand to her lips, kissing it lightly before gently setting your hand down on the side of your hospital bed. She slowly walks to the door, not wanting to take her eyes off of you for a second. She goes out into the hallway but leaves the door open, rendering you able to hear every word she says. After pressing a few buttons, she holds her phone to her ear and leans against the glass wall separating you from her. “Hi, Harry.” she murmurs after a few seconds. She pauses. “Actually, everything’s not okay. (Y/N)’s hurt.” She shuts her eyes, as if saying the very words causes her physical pain. “She… she was mugged a few hours ago in downtown London. They got her as she was getting into her car, pushed her to the ground. She’s pretty torn up. And she has a few broken ribs. I—” She pauses once more to hear Harry’s response. “No. No. Thankfully the police were nearby and got to her before that could happen. The two men were arrested. But (Y/N)’s going to need to be in the hospital for at least a few more days.” She sighs. “Yes, yes of course. I’ll be here. No problem. Bye Harry.” Soon she returns to your room, and you begin to doze off once more, the painkillers causing you to fade in and out easily. As the room turns to black, you feel your mother coming to your side. When you wake hours later, you open your eyes, expecting to see your mom beside you, reading a magazine or replacing your bedside flowers. Instead, Harry sits on a chair beside you, face-down on the hospital bed, weeping. “Harry.” you mumble weakly. His head snaps up, facing you with red eyes and tear-streaked cheeks. “Oh my god (Y/N).” He says, standing up to give you a hug. You hiss at the contact, your chest still in pain. He recoils. “Oh (Y/N). I’m so sorry, love.” he takes a look at you and bites his lip, trying to hold back more sobs. “I can’t believe anyone would even think about hurting you.” he says, taking your hand. “I’m so sorry.”  

Louis: “What?” Louis repeats, disbelief heavy in his voice. You let out a pitiful laugh. “Yep. I broke it.” White noise echoes through the phone, which you assume is Louis moving to some other location to hear you better. You hear a door shut. “(Y/N) what happened?!” You sigh, looking around your now-empty hospital room. “Well…” you start, “I was climbing up the huge front steps to your apartment complex to take care of a few things and it was a little icy… and I took a tumble.” “Oh my god, babe.” Louis murmurs, “When did this happen?” You shut your eyes. “Yesterday morning. One of your neighbors drove me to the hospital and they gave me an X-ray and told me I broke my collarbone. I had surgery last night to get a bolt put in—” “Surgery?!” Louis cries. “You had surgery? Oh my god. Why didn’t anyone fucking call me?!” You wince at Louis’ cursing, hating that you had to tell him after-the-fact. “Lou, we didn’t call because we didn’t want you to freak out. The surgery went well, I’m fine.” “No (Y/N)! You’re not fine!” Louis spits, “You’ve got a broken collarbone because you went to the damn apartment building that I live in…shit… and now you’re legitimately hurt because of me.” “Louis, please, don’t be so hard on yourself. I chose to go. I was just clumsy.” Louis sighs heavily through the phone. “I’ll be there as soon as I can. I’ll take the next flight and—” “No, babe. Finish the tour. Come back when you can. I’m not going anywhere.” He pauses, torn as to what he should do. “Okay.” he says in a small voice, “Two more shows. Then I’m there. I’ll be on a plane as soon as I leave that damn arena.”

Zayn: “I’ll be back in about an hour to check on the bandages, okay?” the brunette nurse says to you with a sincere smile. You nod as you lie back in your hospital bed, sighing. How could you have been so stupid? As you close your eyes, trying to get the night’s events out of your head, your iPhone rings on the table next to you. You snap your eyes open, knowing it had to be Zayn. He was your emergency contact, and as soon as you entered the emergency  room that night, they called him. You reach over with the non-bandaged hand and answer. “(Y/N)!” Zayn says before you can even say hello, “Babe what happened? The nurses told me there was a fire. Are you okay? They didn’t tell me much.” You take a deep breath. “Yeah, there was a fire. In the kitchen. It’s pretty bad, it’ll need to be completely redone and—” “(Y/N) I don’t give a damn about the kitchen. Are you hurt?” “Yes.” you say after a pause. “I was sautéing some garlic for a pasta dinner and there was a dishtowel nearby that caught fire. I panicked, and stupidly tried to grab it and throw it into the sink, but I burned my hand and threw it, which made the fire spread to the curtains…” You look down at your bandaged hand, knowing that underneath was pink, raw skin that had been licked by flames. There would be scars for a very long time, forever marking your stupidity. “Babe?” you say after Zayn hadn’t said anything for a while. He sighs. “…I can’t believe that the one time you’re hurt I’m halfway across the world and can’t be there.” he says slowly, cursing himself. “I could’ve come back this weekend and none of this would have happened but I was selfish and stayed.” “No babe I wouldn’t have expected you to come back,” you say earnestly, “You’d have only been here for like a day. Please. I don’t want you to be upset.” “Well I am.” He replies. “I hate that you’re in pain.” He pauses. “I’ll arrange for you to be flown out here as soon as you’re released. I need to be with you. I’ll take care of you.”

Liam: You twiddle your thumbs in the waiting room, desperate to see your doctor come back in and tell you if everything was alright. You were alone, and it was fairly late at night. You sigh, looking down at your  rounded stomach, palming it gently, hoping today’s little mishap didn’t hurt you and Liam’s baby. After getting your afternoon hot chocolate to get you through the day, you were walking down some steps to the parking lot, when you lost your footing, causing you to fall and land on the side of your stomach. You were bruised up and had some cuts, but you were more worried about your baby. You prayed that he was alright. Soon a nearby door opens, and you perk up. But instead of the doctor, in comes your husband, Liam, with a deeply worried expression on his face. Once he spots you he rushes up to you, kissing you on the cheek and kneeling in front of you. “Have they told you anything yet?” he says, out of breath, “I drove over here as soon as Paul told me. Thank god I was only an hour away.” You shake your head. “Nothing yet. God I’m so glad you’re here. What if I hurt him, Liam? What if he’s not going to be okay because of me?” You run a hand through your hair. “God, only two days since you’ve left and I can’t do anything right.” Liam joins you on the couch and puts his hands on your shoulders. “Hey, it’ll be okay. Whatever happens, you’re alright, and we’ll be alright, okay?” He gives you a quick peck. You sigh as the doctor thankfully comes out to the waiting room, a file in his hand. “Good news.” he says with a wise smile, “Your baby is fine. You should probably rest for a couple days, but your baby will not be hurt.” Liam’s arms suddenly wrap around you as he murmurs, “Thank god” repeatedly in your ear before thanking the doctor.

Niall: “(Y/N)? (Y/N)…” a familiar voice rings in your ear. You begin to come to, your hazy vision clearing into a crisp clarity. Your blonde boyfriend flashes a pitiful smile as he grabs both of your hands. He sits at the end of your hospital bed. “Babe.” He says in a small voice. His eyes take you in, looking for any sign of pain. You smile weakly, the painkillers still strong and making you hazy. “Niall.” you say weakly, “What are you doing here?” He looks over at your mother in the corner. “She called me. I had Paul drive me as soon as I heard you were having surgery.” You let out a weak laugh. “It’s just appendicitis. It is like the easiest surgery ever. You didn’t have to come here.” Niall rolls his eyes and scoots up to be closer to you. Your mom steps out of the room, allowing you two to be alone. “I may be a busy guy, but I will always make time for you if  you need me. And I was not about to let them cut into you without me being here. No way.” You smile, but then your brows crinkle in confusion. “Wait,” you say hesitantly, “you said you drove here? Niall you were hours away!” “Yeah well there were no flights, and I had to be here by the time you woke up.” Niall leans forward and slowly leaves a sweet kiss on your cheek. “Now you need to rest.” he says, standing. “I’ll be right here when you wake up, okay? Right here.” 

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